NIZBUD Sp. z o.o. specializes in providing reinforced concrete works. We have several years of experience in construction industry.
So far our projects have included:

  • residential buildings
  • office buildings
  • industrial buildings
  • public buildings
  • road infrastructure
We offer the performance of construction works by providing our services as general contractor, as well as sub-contractor. We perform full works with our own materials and formworks, as well as just the labor. The company hire qualified construction workers who face their challenges with great involvement. We perform reinforced concrete constructions by applying any formwork systems available in Poland. We cooperate with leading providers on full service of formwork and scaffolding systems. By using the most modern technologies and systems we offer full range of reinforced concrete works.

We specialize in performing works within the following technologies and systems:

  • concrete construction at raw state (“0”) with top-down method
  • reinforced concrete construction with self-climbing formwork
  • reinforced concrete construction with typical climbing systems
  • horizontal elements at significant heights with towers, scaffolding
  • horizontal elements with panel system
  • vertical elements with one-sided formwork, arch woodwork
  • elements of reinforced concrete in architectural concrete standard

The main goal of NIZBUD Sp. z o.o. is to provide high quality services and meet the needs of our clients.